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Hi! We're a Danish-American duo called Gate to Venus. We're based on the island Strynø in Denmark. We formed the band in the summer of 2019. Our first single "Gate to Venus" was co-written while Gabriel was on the ground in Germany and  Cecilie was flying over the Arctic Ocean towards NYC. We sent each other voice memos and lyrics and completed the song within an hour. 2 weeks later we debuted the song on stage. The same week we went to Kaiser Base Studios in Berlin and recorded the track with producer Robert Philipp. Since then we have been recording music nonstop between Berlin and Denmark. March 20, 2020 we released the Gate to Venus debut album, the double LP Chrysalis Metropolis. It was recorded between Kaiser Base Studios in Berlin and Portugal. Since then we've released the albums 3rd Eye View and Time Is A Melody. We also have a few EPs on our repertoire, Solanum and 2 solo EP's.

Cecilie Beck is a Danish singer-songwriter, piano player and visual artist. During her education within fine arts she lived in 5 different countries. This brought her to NYC, where she lived for nearly 8 years before moving to Berlin in the beginning of 2019. She has released 2 solo albums as well as 2 EPs and exhibited multiple audiovisual projects. She is working on an experimental album which focuses on the sound of light.

Gabriel Gordon is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist born in California. During his career he has toured, written and recorded with a variety of established artists throughout the world. He has released 9 solo albums as well as numerous collaborative projects and is currently in the process of recording his next album. 




"Very Mazzy Star meets Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra. Some of the coolest shit (...) You guys got a vibe! Keep writing!"

- Chris Dowd (Fishbone, Jeff Buckley, The Dowd Jones)

“It’s epic like a movie that doesn’t need a picture”


- Quote,Young Belail

"Gate To Venus is a 21st Century duo steeped in Singer-Songwriter sensibilities but grounded in self-awareness. Their music invites us into a world of warmth and betimes to the urgency of a knife’s edge.
This is new music in the truest sense in that it does not evoke a specific previous style but rather stands on its own. I applaud Gate To Venus."

- Quote, Ashford Gordon

"Here is music that transports you and speaks to the soul

by way of the music’s atmosphere, comprised of the lyric's fantastic imagery and highly original guitar voicings

supported by a steady beat and some magnificent production."

-Quote, Mick Grøndahl (Jeff Buckley)

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